The Industries That Benefit From Local Seo

Local search engine optimization is a big industry. There are many service-based companies that benefit from local seo because they rely on it for the bulk of their business or you can just sell leads online.

Some of the industries that benefit include:

  • Plastic Surgeons – This is a prime industry, as it is very competitive and a lot of money is spent on these services daily. Aside from this fact, there are many optional cosmetic procedures to be had which makes it even sweeter for the plastic surgeon that dominates Google organic search results.
  • Lawyers – Attorneys are even more competitive than plastic surgeons. In addition, lawyers have many specific niches that can be marketed. Without top 10 rankings, an attorney can still get business. But the amount of business is nothing compared to what can be had if they owned a few listings on the first page of Google natural search results (serps) for their practice areas and their locality.
  • Plumbers – Plumbing is another seriosly competitive industry. In larger areas, it can be very tough to get business without an online presence and a way to be found.
  • Chiropractors – Chiropractic survices are a must for many people. A backache is a bad thing to have, and something that people cannot live with. It is an industry that will not be dying out any time soon, and an expensive one. Without tons of referrals from doctors, a Chiropractic firm can go under quickly.
  • Real Estate Agents – Realty is big business, and being found is an important thing for real estate agents and agencies. There are many agents in an agency, so the competition can be tough. You can get more listings, and sell more houses and commerical properties if you were the top agent in Google.

If your industry is not in the list, don’t stress. There are many others that will benefit from local seo services. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free no-obligation proposal.

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