Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing is employed by many companies who know the benefits of being found. The majority of internet users no longer use the yellow pages to locate a business. They go straight to Google and do a search. When this happens, the company that appears in multiple slots is the one that gathers their attention. See what a consumer has to say…

Hi there! I spend a large amount of time online, and when I need to find a plumber, I do a quick search through Google to find a company near me. I find that when I do a general search, companies from far away turn up. That’s why I have to do a search by typing in “Chicago plumbing company” or “Chicago plumbing and heating” in order to find a local company.

…Listen to a company:

Without local search, business would be horrible. Imagine having a company with employees ready to work, but no calls coming in. Advertising is a must in this generation, and the old advertising methods no longer work. Everyone turns to the internet, and you must be able to be found if you ever want to get steady customers.

Localized search is something that every service based company relying on local customers must take seriously. It’s simply an opportunity not to pass up. Do you own your region yet? Click here to request a free quote and find out how you can dominate Google in your industry.