How to Get Top 10 Organic Google Rankings

Organic top 10 rankings are illusive to many companies. Heck, they are illusive to many “seo experts”. But that doesn’t stop us from getting them consistently. The fact is, getting on that first page of Google is actually quite simple, because we have been doing it for many years. Because of our success, we would like to share some of our secrets with you!

The many elements of organic rankings

We would be remiss if we simply went on to tell you how to optimize your website. Why? Because it takes much more than that to be a serious contender in the search engine marketing game.

Just a few of the things you have to look forward to are:

  • On-page optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Blog hopping
  • Forum participation
  • Article marketing

As I mentioned, those are just a few. But they are some very important elements. Let’s have a look at each one of them…

On-page optimization

This element is tough to explain, because there are MANY elements to seo alone! Each element is very important, because it basically makes your website easy for search engines to read and index properly.

The many elements of onsite seo include but are not limited to:

  • Text content pages with keyword distribution
  • Anchor text for onsite and offsite links
  • Filename optimization
  • mod_rewrite for dynamic websites
  • Social media sharing integration

The list actually goes on for miles…

Social Media Marketing

If you weren’t aware, social media is great for networking and bringing in traffic to your website. But it is also an element that search engines are increasingly looking into to determine a website’s popularity. The more something is shared, the heavier it’s weight in the search engine.

Social media needs to be setup, but also actively used. For example, you need to be constantly networking and sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

There are many 3rd party websites that help you automate some things on your social media accounts, as well as help you build up your network of friends and followers.

Blog Hopping & Forums

I lump these two things together even though they are entirely different. The reason why is that they both have similar goals in mind, and are similar in how you use them.

I like to look mainly for WordPress blogs because they have an easy setup for commenting on articles. I look for blogs that, at the minimum, allow you to comment without signing up and logging in. That’s a big issue with blogs these days, because many blog owners don’t want to deal with a single spam comment.

More experienced bloggers know about the many tools and plugins that prevent most spam from getting through though, and that’s who I am looking for to interact with.

Many WordPress blog use plugins called “CommentLuv”, and “KeywordLuv”. CommentLuv allows you to link to your blog, and it grabs your latest blog post and links to it using it’s title. This is great exposure, and helps bring in traffic from other commentators on that blog. KeywordLuv allows you to get DoFollow anchor text links back to your blog or website. This helps with your goal toward top 10 natural search engine rankings, because you are getting your desired keyword text in your one-way link back to your website.

Forums are something that almost always require an account signup. This means you will be signing up for a few good forums with lots of activity on them.

The cool thing about forums is that most of them will allow a signature. This means that whenever you write a forum topic or reply, your signature will appear underneath your post. This signature can contain a link to your website, which other forum members can follow to check you out.

It is important to actually take part in the forum and stay on topic. That’s the #1 best way of traffic generation with forums. Many people disregard this and spam forums, which results in their email address and ip adress getting banned for life. It is a complete waste of time to spam a forum. Instead, establish yourself as a quality member and you will reap the benefits for years to come.

Article Marketing

Your article marketing campaign is a very important thing. You will be writing articles for sites like with the intention of getting traffic, and backlinks.

Sites like EzineArticles, even after the algorithm update and shake-up, still rank well in the search engines like Google. So do article social media sites like Squidoo. Utilize these tools for your marketing efforts, and you will have organic top 10 rankings in no time.

Put it all together…

While I make these things sound easy, they definitely are not. I have watched as many new marketers simply gave up, and went back to their day jobs.

Keep in mind that internet marketing should be taken as a serious profession. If you can’t dedicate your daily time to each element, then hire a professional company to do it for you. Contact us if you want a serious marketing campaign to blow your competition out of the sky!

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